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How Inbound Interactive helped Taylor Janis increase year-on-year website traffic by 506%

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in calls and inquiries. The difference is night and day.”

– Jarret Janis | Partner, Taylor Janis Workplace Law

Boutique law firm Taylor Janis Workplace Law had hired other online marketing teams in the past – but none of them had been able to deliver steady traffic or qualified leads.

Just one year after switching to Inbound Interactive, Jarret Janis, partner at Taylor Janis, and his firm saw…

506% increase in year-on-year traffic

An average of 100 new leads per month

Top SEO rankings for “Calgary Employment Lawyer”

Problem: Poor Results & Unreliable Vendors

Jarret Janis and his partners at Taylor Janis Workplace Law needed to improve their online exposure – but trustworthy vendors were proving difficult to find.

When another law firm recommended Inbound Interactive, Jarret admits that he and his team went in with some trepidations.

“We had some anxieties with respect to quality of work, given that so many providers don’t actually have the training or knowledge necessary to do the job.”

Building Trust From Day One

When Jarret first began talking to Inbound, he was impressed by the level of time and attention Inbound had invested in getting to know their business, goals and niche.

“We almost immediately knew that things would be on track,” Jarret explains.

“He did an initial assessment and thorough background research before getting to work on our site. Right away, he was able to identify errors our previous provider were making and immediately reversed them.”

There were three key problems Inbound brought to Jarret’s attention:

  • The firm’s site was poorly optimized for location-based keywords,
  • They had very few quality links pointing to their website from trustworthy, relevant sites, and
  • The company’s name, addresses and phone numbers were incompletely or improperly listed across the web.

All of these issues added up to a site that ranked poorly, generated only about 250 visitors a month and brought in very few leads.

“Their attention to detail, knowledge of our practice area and general understanding of marketing were difference makers,” says Jarret.

 “Inbound Interactive aren’t just IT people, but marketers who understood our goals and could use the technology to reach them.”


A Comprehensive SEO Strategy

To solve Taylor Janis’ online challenges, Inbound Interactive drew up a plan that included onsite SEO, a citation-building campaign and an ongoing link building effort.

The strategy also accommodated for the fact that Taylor Janis operated in two locations: Calgary and Edmonton.

First, Inbound revamped the Taylor Janis website, restructuring the pages for each location and optimizing the content for both search engines, and conversion rates.

Next, Inbound Interacticve identified all of the firm’s online listings, as well as new opportunities to be listed, and manually edited them to be consistent for both Calgary and Edmonton locations.

Finally, after a comprehensive competitive analysis, Inbound Interactive began building links from relevant associations, niche directories and authority sites.

“They walked us step-by-step through the entire process and explained things thoroughly at every step of the way,” Jarret recalls.  “We got monthly reports that confirmed our presence and ranking were improving, and we could see they were putting in the time and effort.”

And unlike past firms who had done the bare minimum and kept his team in the dark, Jarret appreciated the level of trust and transparency Inbound brought to the table.

“Numerous times, they took the time to meet with us or conduct studies that I think go beyond what the average internet marketing firm would do.”

 “We could see they were putting in the
time and effort.”


Dramatic Increase in Traffic & Conversions

After just one year of working with Inbound Interactive, Jarret is very happy with the results his firm has seen.

“Just three to five months in, we started seeing the impact on our traffic – and our business,” Jarret recalls. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase month over month in calls and inquiries. The difference is night and day.”

Those results have included…

  • A 506% increase in year-on-year traffic
  • An average of 100 leads per month
  • Top 3 rankings for “Calgary Employment Lawyer” and “Edmonton Employment Lawyer” rankings

“Having a quality SEO team like Inbound has meant that we almost don’t need to market anywhere else. The best part is being able to trust that they understand our goals and objectives, and execute in a very efficient manner to reach them.”

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