We exist to get more clicks to your website and more customers for your business.

Inbound Interactive has 10 years of firsthand experience under our belt. That means we know what works and actively avoid what doesn’t. 

Let’s skip over all the trial-and-error and cut right to building better websites, generating higher converting campaigns and attracting more sales leads for your business.

See our client success stories.

Sophisticated strategies that provide measurable results.

Not only do we have robust (and thoughtful) internal processes that keep your project on track, but our devoted team of Online Marketing fanatics show up every day ready to analyze, optimize, and help your business grow like gangbusters.

Our commitment to you drives everything we do.

Our Team


Never one to walk away from a challenge, Calin buckled down in 2009, determined to simplify complicated things like SEO for small and medium-sized business. The end result? A powerhouse company that helps companies ditch the stress of Digital Marketing, get more clients and increase their revenue.

When he’s not wearing Chuck Taylor’s with a 3-piece suit, you can find him hauling himself up mountains and dreaming up ways to help businesses conquer the world. (Or at least their industry.)


Meet the superhero who manages the strategy, set-up, ongoing improvements, and performance of your Google & Social pay-per-click campaigns. She makes dang sure your money is being put to the best use as business grows.

If you ask her nicely, she may bust out a pretty mean riff on the saxophone.  


When it comes to getting more eyes on your idea, Mr. Chan is your go-to guy. From increasing the number of people who find you, to boosting the number of people who engage once they do, he improves your website so your business is front and center.

He can also drink a full glass of water in 2 seconds. Actually 2 seconds. We’ve timed it.


Ever wanted to be listed as #1 in Google search results? Anh Dang is the pro who makes it happen. When you’re the first choice of search engines, new inbound clients aren’t just a possibility — they’re an inevitability.

Besides being able to open a bottle of wine with a shoe, she’s been to over 60 cities in 20 countries (and isn’t planning on stopping).


If you want more people to buy your stuff by clicking on ads online, look no further than Yuen. He creates, optimizes, and reports on the performance of your ad clicks so every cent you spend is put to good use. He erases the guesswork out of good ads.

He also knows Kung Fu. Seriously.

Need we say more?

Our Values

Do what works.

No spaghetti is thrown at the wall “just to see what sticks” — only effective & focused approaches that get results.

Stand up straight.

Feel free to steal a peek behind our curtain because honesty & integrity are at the core of every project we touch.

Take the shot.

We make big things happen. When we see an opportunity for our clients, we aren’t afraid to act on it.

Pull to the front.

There is a time and a place to follow the pack, but when it comes to scoring new customers for your business, we lead the way.

Walk in your shoes.

Our clients are always treated how we’d like to be treated — with direct communication, hefty doses of honesty, & a solid sense of humor.

Enlist the pros.

Jack-of-all-trades need not apply, because our team of experts are digital marketing devotees specialize in their respective area.