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We’re Inbound – website design aficionados, connoisseurs of keywords, and solvers of Rubik’s cubes.

Inbound Law Marketing and our legal marketing blog are home to articles, case studies and ideas we share about what works (and what doesn’t) when marketing a law firm online.

If you’ve found yourself on our Get Started page, it’s safe to assume that one or more of the following statements are true…

A) You are a lawyer or do marketing for a law firm.
B) You want to know how to generate more sales leads.
C) You need a new website or landing page.

If you’re quietly nodding along then you’ve come to the right place. Since 2009, we have been developing digital marketing campaigns for small and medium-sized law firms across the US and Canada with a singular goal…

to turn clicks into paying customers.

If you want to jump to our services, click one of the links below. Otherwise, keep reading, there are some important nuggets ahead.

The future of legal marketing is bright but chalked full of competition and technical challenges

Since our humble beginning in 2009, a lot has changed in the legal marketing industry.

  • It has become more challenging and time consuming to generate top rankings in Google’s search results.
  • The Cost Per Click (CPC) for Google Adwords ads has steadily increased.
  • Websites have become increasingly complex as new browsers, devices, platforms and marketing software is developed.
  • Not to mention, the way in which consumers search for and purchase legal services is experiencing a revolution of sorts.

These are just a few of the statistics that may keep you up at night.

  • 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. (source)
  • 71.33% of people never click search results beyond page one. (source)
  • 74% of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action. (source)
  • 94% of customers cite website design as a reason they do not trust a business. (source)
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone (source)
  • 48% of people will consider a site that isn’t working well on their mobile device as an indication that the business simply doesn’t care about them. (source)

Times, they are a changin’.

To some these stats are an opportunity, while to other they are the final nail in a dusty, old coffin.

In today’s competitive market place, if your business hasn’t adopted a web strategy that includes strategies like WordPress Website Design, Landing Pages, SEO, Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing (Facebook in particular)… you have a hard truth that you need to face.

You are being left behind in the dust while your competitors steal your customers.

So, where do you start?

As with so many things in life, a little education can go a long way.

Our team has invested several years in writing articles, capturing website design examples and curating valuable information into a cohesive legal marketing blog.

Get started with a few of our most popular posts.

  • Law Firm SEO: How To Skyrocket Your Google Rankings
  • 20 Must-Have Features For Any Law Firm Website
  • 15 Website Tips for Solo Attorneys
  • Other articles

Next, book a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your firm

We love working with entrepreneurial lawyers who see the changes in the legal industry as an opportunity not a threat.

If you’re looking for a campaign to simply “keep the lights on”, we’re probably not the agency for you. Our strategies are aggressive and forward thinking. If you want to set it and forget it, there are plenty of companies that will be happy to cash your cheque (and provide little value in return).

If, however, you want measurable digital marketing results that will drive your business forward book a free, 30-minute consultation with Calin Yablonski, our founder and lead strategist.

In the consultation we will discuss:

  • Why your past marketing efforts fell flat.
  • Whether your website is up to snuff or if a redesign is required.
  • Which campaign—Adwords, SEO or Social Media—will help you attract more clients.

Our corroborating evidence

We’ve had the pleasure of working on digital marketing campaign for clients across the US and Canada. Here are a few of our most notable.

Oykhman Criminal Defence – Download Case Study

In 2012, Oykhman asked us for help. They needed a new website, and a new sales and marketing strategy to revitalize their practice. Our goal was simple: increase the number of incoming qualified sales leads by the largest amount possible.

In short fashion, we got them ranked in the top search results of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and generated over 1,000 sales leads, significantly adding revenue to their bottom line. (And their website looks nice too!)

Taylor Janis Workplace Law – Download Case Study

After failed attempts with other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) providers, Taylor Janis was feeling bruised, but not beaten. They were skeptical of the all-too-typical “#1 in search results” claims most firms brag about without any corroborating evidence.

But they also know the value and importance visibility. So we set to work ranking over 50 monitored keyword strings in the #1 – #3 positions for them. As a result their traffic has increased over 700% since then.