5 Ways to Crush Your Online Marketing Goals with Facebook Ads

It seems like a never ending debate:

Is Facebook actually useful for local businesses?

Personally, I consider the social network as one of the most beneficial channels in online marketing. And in this post I’ll show you 5 ways you could absolutely crush your online marketing goals with it.

1. Speed up Lead Generation with Lead Ads

Do you know what’s the #1 secret to generating leads?


Just think about it. If a person has to go through various hoops just to sign up for your email list, download a lead generation asset or inquire in any other way, they’ll ignore it.

That’s why marketers constantly look for new ways to shorten the buyer’s journey. They test signup forms, trying to make them simpler or more visible and tweak calls to action.

And recently Facebook launched its own innovative way to help users fill in lead generation forms quicker – Lead Ads.

Lead Generation Ads allow companies to display a form to a person clicking the ad. Right there on Facebook.

What’s more, given the wealth of information the social network has on its users, it also prepopulates a lot of information from the person’s profile, reducing the amount of work they’d have to do to sign up or inquire.

For businesses, it means the ability to seamlessly generate leads directly through the social network with a minimum effort required by the person to complete the task.

What to use Lead Ads for?

  • Quote or estimate requests,
  • Newsletter subscriptions,
  • Booking sales meetings,
  • Requesting product demos and much more.

2. Use Custom Audiences to Strengthen Existing Customer Relationships

Every new lead, prospect or even connection is an opportunity to grow your business.

But I bet you often wonder how to keep in touch with those people without emailing them all the time.

Facebook’s Custom Audiences might be the answer.

Custom Audiences allow you advertise to people you already have some form of a relationship with. These could be former or current customers, email subscribers or simply, people who have inquired with your business in the past.

With Custom Audiences you can crate a target list based on their emails, Facebook IDs or even phone numbers and display relevant ads in their News Feed.

Here are a couple of examples what you could use Custom Audiences for:

To get existing customers to become Facebook fans.

You could use a Page Like ad to target existing customers who are not your Facebook fans yet to try and get them to Like your page.

To promote special offers to the most loyal customers.

You could also reward people who engage a lot with your business with special offers, discounts and promotions to thank them for their loyalty.

To remind former leads about their interest in your products or services.

Finally, Custom Audience could also help you reactivate stale leads with attention capturing ads targeted to their former interest in what you sell.

3. Target Nearby Customers with Local Awareness Ads

Fact: Relevant ads fare better.

Just imagine that you’re in a new neighborhood, looking for a place where you and your family could eat. And just as you took a break to flick through the News Feed, an ad for a pizzeria located just a block away pops up…

Now tell me, what are the chances that you’re not going to check them out?

Local Awareness Ads help you reach customers when they’re near your place of business.

What’s more, given their nature, Local Awareness Ads offer a number of ways a person could interact with your ad, aside from just visiting the site:

  • The could send you a private message directly from the ad in the News Feed.
  • Call your business directly from the ad and engage with you right away.
  • You could include directions to your premises in the ad to guide people to you.
  • Or send them to any page or website to get more information.

But are these ads really helpful?

Absolutely. According to Datalogix, ads optimized for local reach achieve 70% higher return on investment than traditional ads.

What’s more, according to the same source, 99% of people who saw an ad and then purchased, didn’t actually click the ad… they preferred to interact with the company right away.

4. Increase Brand Awareness and Engagement with Video Ads

I admit, even I think of YouTube first when hearing about video ads.

But Facebook videos have become as popular, if not more.

For instance, videos are the most commonly shared content type on the social network with the social network’s users watching more than 1 billion clips every day (source).

Not to mention that last year, Facebook overtook YouTube with the amount of videos uploaded daily.

But unlike traditional video ads, the purpose of Facebook videos is different:

Facebook video ads work particularly well for raising brand awareness rather than driving conversions.

Facebook is nothing more than a social platform. Most of its users log in to Facebook to spend their time posting updates, liking other people’s content and socializing in any other ways.

However, it can be challenging to convert a person browsing their newsfeed into one ready to purchase your product.

As a result, content like videos are best used for brand awareness rather than direct sales.

And, with the ability to optimize Facebook video ads for highest views and their ability to go viral, they are the perfect medium to spread the news about your brand, product or service and connect with the target audience.

5. Use Call to Action Buttons to Help Audience Take Action

You may publish the most enticing and attention grabbing ad. But unless you clearly communicate what you want the user to do with it, they might just ignore it.

For that reason, the social network offers the ability to add specific call to action buttons to help audience take action. Call to Action buttons work with Page post ad type and help you direct users to other resources or pages on your site.

Facebook let’s you choose one of five actions to include in the ad:

  • Shop Now,
  • Learn More,
  • Sign Up,
  • Book Now, or

Want to see how those strategies could help you crush online marketing goals?

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