5 Tips For Improving Your Local Business’s Adwords Campaign

Are you wondering how to make Adwords ads more effective? Attract more local visitors while reducing advertising costs? And generate more leads and inquiries from the web?

Then I have just the thing for you – 5 tricks I use to help improve the effectiveness of local Adwords campaigns.

Intrigued? Let’s get started!

Trick #1. Bid on Keywords that Include Location

The purpose of a local Adwords campaign is simple, to attract customers from your area interested in products or services you sell.

One way to achieve it is by geo-targeting your ads. This means specifying exact locations a user would have to be in to see your ads.

However, there is a better way. One that matches how many customers search for information online.

Just think about it the last time you searched for specific services. Chances are that apart from typing the name of a service you also added your location to the search query.

Just to make sure you’ll receive relevant results.

Instead of searching for “sheds”, you typed in “Calgary Sheds” or even a more specific request.

Many of your customers do the same. They use the search query to prequalify businesses and include city, state or location in their search to narrow down the results.

And needless to say, these customers offer a much greater chance for conversion.

Therefore, bidding your ads on keywords that include city or location will help you qualify the audience and reduce unqualified traffic.

Naturally, search volume for location keywords will be lower. But people using them will be more qualified and more likely to convert into business.

Trick #2. Add Location Extensions to Show Your Business’ Location

Location Extensions allow you to display business address and phone number in the standard Adwords ad.

For instance:


They help show customers your location and confirm if your business is relevant to what they seek.

They also allow your ad to take up more space on the results page, making it more prominent among other results.

Finally, they allow mobile users to click directly on your phone number and call your business without having to visit the site.

How to Add Your Contact Details to Ads

Location Extensions are fairly simple to set up. When adding this ad extension, Google will display the option to pull the data from your Google My Business account.


If you run multiple locations or have multiple businesses, the search engine will display an option to specify which location to include in the campaign.

But is including Location Extensions worth it?

Absolutely! According to Google itself, adding location extensions has shown increase in click-through rate by a staggering 10%.

Trick #3. Target Specific Locations

Imagine your business delivers products only to people located within a specific radius from your premises. Or focuses on a target audience in close proximity to a particular landmark (i.e. Airport).

Wouldn’t it be great then if you could display ads only to people from that specific location?

You could save money on unwanted clicks while increasing the overall performance and ROI of your ads.

Well, you can, thanks to Adwords Location Targeting.

Location Targeting allows you to display ads in the geographic locations you choose, i.e.:

  • Countries,
  • Areas within a country,
  • A radius around a specific location, or
  • Location groups.

Targeting your advertising to locations where you could find the best customers will help you increase the advertising ROI, reduce clicks from unqualified prospects, saving you money and and increasing the return.

What types of businesses could benefit from Targeting Locations?

  • Companies that deliver within a specific radius of their location (i.e. pizza delivery, tradesmen operating within a specific area etc.), and
  • Local business whose entire customer base is located within a specific radius around their business.

Trick #4. Allow Smartphone Users to Call You with Local Call Extensions

I’m sure you know, mobile web traffic has already exceeded desktop.


(image source)

It means that more people now access the Internet from their mobile devices than browse websites using computers. And according to Statista, within the next two years, the number of Internet users accessing the web from their smartphones will reach 90%.

And did you know that you could allow them to call your business directly from the ad?

Enter Local Call Extensions

Local Call Extension allow to add a clickable call button to an Adwords ad when it displays on devices capable of making calls (this includes certain types of tablets too).


(image source)

Furthermore, it doesn’t cost anyting extra to do so. Calls placed directly from an ad cost you the same as the traditional click on its headline (the CPC).

But why implement Local Call Extensions?

For one, because that’s exactly what mobile customers are looking for. According to BrightLocal:

  • 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information,
  • The primary reason local customers search online is to find a location of a business they already know about, and
  • 77% of customers contact a local business after looking for information.

Therefore, giving customers the ability to place a call directly from an ad helps increase your campaign’s ROI.

Trick #5. Send Customers to Location Specific Landing Pages

Your ad helps attract the right customers, communicates your offer and entices them to click or contact your business.

But with a couple of exceptions, you convert them on a landing page.

In case if you’re not familiar with the term “landing page”, let me define it for you really quickly.

A landing page is a page on your website that serves as an entry point for a user. It’s the very page you direct visitors who click on your ad to, for instance.

A landing page has only one objective, to deliver all the information a person needs to convert. This could mean having them inquire about your services or clicking-through to another page (i.e. service or contact page).

And needless to say, the more relevant a landing page to a visitor, the greater the chance for them to convert.

In case of local customers, it means focusing on local information:

  • Your company’s full contact details, phone number, address and location map,
  • Location specific facts in the copy (i.e. nearby landmarks or events),
  • Mentioning compliance with local laws or ordinances pertaining to your business (i.e. regulations, associations, memberships etc.), or
  • Featuring local images.

And there you have it.

These are the 5 ways I use to improve the performance of local Adwords campaigns.

Intrigued how they could help you?

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