5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

As social media continues to evolve and teach users to share in new ones, one of the latest trends sweeping the internet is Pinterest. The site, which bills itself as an online bulletin board, allows users to “pin” any interesting website, image, or video to a virtual “board.” These boards can be classified according to goals, interests, or other categories, and they’re a great way for users to classify their interests and aspirations.

These innovative online bulletin boards are also a great way for tech-savvy businesses to spread their marketing message, and there are some excellent ways to ensure that a user’s “pin” serves as both an expression of who they are, and as a promotional tool for engaged business. These tips will allow companies of all sizes to bring their message to internet’s latest social media craze.

1. Add Pinterest to an Existing Website

One of the easiest ways to get involved with the Pinterest crazy is to add a button to an existing website that allows users to “pin” the site — or its embedded media — directly to their own board with just one click. These buttons generally include the company’s stylized “P” logo, and they comfortably fit right next to most websites’ existing Facebook “like” buttons and Twitter tweeting options.

Conversely, every company worth its weight in online marketing should have its own Pinterist board that allows it to communicate its own marketing message via the items it chooses to pin and share with followers. These companies can supplement their “sure to Pinterest” buttons with one that asks users to follow them on the popular social network. This type of two-way interaction is what makes social media so powerful.

2. Create Discussion on a Company Pinterest Board

Pinterest might be thought of as an online bulletin board, but it should also be thought of as a bulletin board which speaks to its followers. Companies who create their own Pinterest account are able to post things with small captions or questions; paring a new pin with a discussion-starting question is a great way to get users to comment on pins, interact with the company, and refer them to the business’ website.

3. Monitor Brand Awareness and Trends Through Search

It’s likely that, with or without a company’s involvement, things are already being pinned to many Pinterest boards that deal with the organization’s services, products, or reputation. The only way to effectively control a marketing message, as most professionals know, is to figure out what people are saying about a brand in the first place. Using the site’s included search, it’s easy to look for pins that relate to the company see what users are sharing with their friends about a business’ products and message. Then, through interaction, that message can be encouraged or changed.

4. Comment on Others’ Pins

Commenting on content has always been one of the primary ways to drive traffic to a website, and Pinterest is no exception to this long-standing rule. Companies who want to generate more inbound links, and more collective interest in their brand or products, should comment on users’ pins with helpful information, inspiring them to check into the company’s message and products more thoroughly.

5. Keep Pins Updated and Current

It’s no secret that search engines favor companies with fresh content and regular updates, and Pinterest users function in much the same way. A company’s Pinterest boards are only as visible as their latest updates, so it’s important to keep these pins updated on a daily basis — perhaps several times a day. More pins generates more interest, and more interest generates more traffic and sales dollars. It’s as simple as that.

A New Force in Social Marketing

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social networking site of 2012, making it a vital way for companies to enhance and promote their image. Interacting with users, sharing content, and commenting on shared interests all help to humanize a company and make it more accessible to a large community of users. To that end, the bulletin board promoted by Pinterest is a great way to prominently display a company’s marketing message to a diverse cross-section of online users.


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