Why Us?

We’re Inbound Interactive, a boutique digital marketing firm located in Calgary, Alberta. Results-driven and client-focused, we deliver outstanding digital marketing results to local businesses.

Our humble beginnings

Since 2009, our team of digital marketing specialists have been providing search engine optimization and search engine marketing services to leading local businesses.

Inbound Interactive was created with one objective in mind, to help businesses generate qualified leads using the web.

Marketing dollars are precious; plain and simple. But determining where, when and how to invest them can be challenging, especially with the ever-increasing complexity of the web.

That’s why we believe in taking an “in your shoes” approach to doing business. We believe in investing time to understand our client’s businesses and the products and services they sell.

About our team

Inbound consists of a small team of digital marketing specialists. Although our team is small in size, we are big in execution.

Take a look around a typical advertising agency or online marketing firm. Who is working on your project? Is it the new intern working to complete her summer practicum? Or a senior consultant with years of practical experience?

Unfortunately, in most cases it is inexperienced staff who are responsible for the daily management of a project.

Inbound is different

Our team consists of three full-time senior staff. Each member has received their Google Certification in their respective area of expertise and has worked in the digital marketing field for a minimum of four years.

This format, of building an intentionally small company based on quality not quantity, results in higher performance for our client’s campaigns and higher Google rankings for their websites.

Not to mention…

We rank for our own extremely competitive keywords

The proof is in the pudding and we practice what we preach.

Our team has dedicated the time, resources and effort to rank in the #1 position for many of our extremely competitive keywords such as:

  • Calgary SEO Services
  • Calgary Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Calgary SEO Marketing
  • Calgary Inbound Marketing

If we can generate results in our own extremely competitive niche, just imagine what we can do for your business.

We’ve been featured in industry leading publications

In addition to providing services to our customers, we  also contribute to the greater SEO community.

Our work has been featured in Moz, the Digital Marketing Podcast and referenced on SERPs.com. We’ve been featured in Notable Magazine, Business in Calgary and Global Television.

Calin Yablonski, Inbound Interactive’s founder, has participated as a guest speaker at Mount Royal College, the Calgary SEO and Online Marketing Meetup, and the Social Summit.