Chapter 4: Google My Business

A Google My Business Page is your company’s direct link to Google. In fact, is it one of the most important factors, as you can see here in David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors chart. It can help boost local rankings dramatically to have your profile correctly configured.

Making sure your NAP (name, address, phone number) is consistent on your website and Google My Business page is crucial. Incorrectly formatting your address can cause discrepancies that search engines aren’t too fond of.

If your business does not already have one, create a Google My Business page. Fill out all of the information when creating the profile even if it isn’t required.

Business Name

  • Use your business’s “operating as” name. If you go by Joe’s Pizza but your legal name is Joe’s Pizza & Delivery Company – use Joe’s Pizza.

Business Address

  • Ensure the address is an exact match with the addresses found on Yellowpages, your website and the other major citation sources.
  • For suite numbers add them on address line #2


  • Claim the listing with an email address that uses the same domain name as the website. ( NOT


  • For the telephone number use the format (403) 555-5555.
  • Do not use call tracking numbers.
  • Do not use a 1-800 number if you can help it.
  • Add all additional numbers such as fax and toll-free in the additional fields.

Website URL

  • For a single location use the home page URL.
  • For multiple locations create additional location specific pages and use them as the URL.


  • You must select at least one pre-defined category from Google
  • Select the check box “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” if you do not have customers come to your location. This is very important.
  • Usually, we choose a radius instead of listing locations.

Hours of operation

  • List the hours and ensure the hours are also present on your website. These may appear in the search results if someone searches your business name + hours of operation in Google.


  • Apply geo-location data to images (
  • Title the photos with the keywords (Calgary-plumber.jpg).
  • Add up as many as you can (try for at least 10).
  • Do not use stock photos, it is a spam signal.

Virtual Tour

  • Businesses also have the opportunity to upload a virtual tour. For businesses where space or design are assets to the customer experience (eg: restaurants, retail or yoga studios), this is a great opportunity to show off your location.
  • Visit the website to find a certified partner in your location.

Google Maps Location Marker

  • TIP: Revisions to a business’s map marker can now be completed via Google My Business using the Edit Marker Location link. If your address is correct, but the location is inaccurate modify it directly by clicking the Edit Marketing Location link.

Chapter 5: Measurement