Pete the Plumber

The Situation

When we were introduced to Pete the Plumber, the company was operating with an out-of-date website and had not yet ventured into digital advertising. They understood that online searches were increasing, and would become an important source of leads for their business – they were clearly right.

The Goal

We were tasked with building a new website, improving their search engine rankings and increasing the number of leads generated from the web. The name of this game was “leads, leads, leads” so Pete’s extraordinary team could work their magic to win more business and build client relationships.

The Challenge

Pete the Plumber faced significant competition in the Calgary market and needed to be differentiate their business without losing credibility and trust. In the plumbing industry, local search results can make or break a business. Our challenge was to help the company transition not only their website but their entire marketing approach from traditional to digital, so they could become a leader online.

The Approach

We developed a WordPress-based website that would allow Pete the Plumber to feature its services, products, resources, and testimonials, and could be easily updated by their team with minimal outside assistance; we kept it simple and effective. Our understanding of SEO contributed to our design approach; the website structure was strategically designed from the ground up to ensure SEO success.


Once the website was up to snuff, we launched a strategic search engine marketing campaign which included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a Google AdWords. Five years later, this strategy is still producing outstanding results.

The Results

We have had so many great results from working with Pete over the last five years. Here are the highlights:

The Lesson

If you know Pete, you know that his philosophy is to do it right from the beginning – the right tools, the right professionals, and the right tactics to get the job done. What works for plumbing works for Google as well – do the job right the first time with the right structure, the right strategy and the right implementation. Keep it simple and keep it effective, just like Pete.

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