ATCO Structures & Logistics

The Situation

When we were introduced to ATCO Structures & Logistics (ATCO), the company was already online and operating an Adwords campaign. Offline, ATCO’s brand authority was second to none, but their authority wasn’t reflected online in Google’s search results. We were called in to audit their current website, develop a search marketing strategy, and implement the plan to build ATCO’s online search presence.

The Goal

Our task was two-fold:

1. Increase ATCO’s website visibility for their products (portable construction trailers, temporary structures, site services, etc.) within Google search results, and;

2. To increase the performance of ATCO’s Google Adwords campaign in order to generate additional leads (and ultimately conversions – closing the ‘sale’).

The Challenge

We identified that structural issues within ATCO’s website were impacting its success in Google’s search results. Similarly, structural issues within the set up of its Google Adwords campaign were holding it back from reaching peak success. Through an SEO audit of their website and campaign, we were able to provide recommendations to the ATCO team for correcting the issues, and building a strong foundation for a successful campaign.

The Approach

Our approach was to build a strategy from the ground up; ensure that the bones of their website and campaign configuration were strong. That process included tactics like:

  • Recommending modifications to website’s architecture
  • Configuring and optimizing the website’s Google Webmasters account
  • Optimizing meta data for title and description tags
  • Optimizing content and on page elements
  • Recommending a link-building strategy to increase website authority
  • Initiating a local SEO campaign to target location-specific search terms & phrases
  • Configuring a Google Adwords marketing campaign

All of this is to say, we made sure that a strategically-designed structure was in place, and then found every way possible to optimize that structure, so ATCO’s website could better work FOR them.

The Results

Our experience working with the ATCO team over the last two years has resulted in some exciting highlights:

The Lesson

When seeking search visibility, start from the ground up. It’s not  fun or glamorous and it can feel like you’re moving backwards to correct foundational elements but ensuring that the bones of your website are strong will set up you for success in the long run.

Our team conducts in-depth investigations of hundreds of websites each year. We’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the stunningly beautiful but tragically defective. Here is what we know: without a thoughtfully designed and configured website structure, even the most beautiful websites can hurt a business’s digital presence. It’s vitally important that web developers have an understanding of SEO so that basic foundational elements can be included from the start and creating a solid foundation from which a search marketing campaign can be executed.

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