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Local Search Engine Optimization Analysis of “Calgary Dentist”

An analysis of the top ranking website in Google’s search results for the term “Calgary Dentist”. Why does Ambiance Dental rank in the first position outranking 17th Ave Dental Choice, and University Dental Choice? I’ll discuss a few potential reasons.


Hey, my name is Calin Yablonski and thanks again for joining me on Under the Microscope. This is going to be a little web series that we’re putting together in which I go and analyze a business that’s ranking in the first position for a really popular local keyword.

Today we’re going to take a look at the keyword Calgary Dentist. There are a lot of different dental clinics in the city. This tends to be one of the most competitive phrases. Let’s just jump right in and take a look at the keyword Calgary Dentist.

Now that we’re over at Google, let’s search for Calgary Dentist and what we see if we scroll past the Google AdWords ads is a business called Ambiance Dental ranking in the first organic position as well as in the first local position. You don’t typically see this today. Usually, Google will blend these together. You’ll just get somebody ranking in the first local position. You might be wondering well how do you get this? Usually in my experience, it comes from having a high amount of authority related to your website.

On the web authorities calculated through the amount of hyperlinks or backlinks that you have pointing to your website and the quality of those backlinks. That’s likely why we’re seeing Ambiance Dental in the first position, first organic position for a local keyword, Calgary Dental. One thing I wanted to talk about in regards to their local listings are first and foremost, they have a lot of reviews. Forty-five positive Google reviews.

They have a 4.8 star rating out of a 5 which is really difficult to maintain especially when you start to acquire that level and that number of reviews. I did notice something interesting associated with their listing. If you click on that little Google+ link that I just did, it takes you to a Google+ business page.

On this page we can see that they’ve actually gone through the process of styling. They’ve put their logo in here. They have a really nice photo. On this page you can view their contact information, the categories associated with their business, their hours of operation. You get the reviews but what’s important is this little checkmark right here. What this means as you can see is that they are a verified local business. They’ve gone through the process of approving what’s called their Google My Business account.

Now if you haven’t heard of Google My Business, don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s actually gone through a few name changes over the last few years. It was once upon a time called Google Places then it was called Google+ Local and now today it’s referred to as Google My Business. Google My Business is going to be the interface that allows you to connect your business to Google search results. A lot of the items that I already mentioned such as your categories, your hours of operation, your business’s address, your business’s name and any photos associated with your business can be customized within a Google My Business account.

The big thing to take away here is that this little verified symbol, it means that they have verified their account and Google certainly provides preference to businesses that have verified Google My Business accounts as opposed to businesses that do not have a verified Google My Business account.

Just make sure you’re going through the process of verifying your business by visiting Google.com/business. I’m going to jump back to the search results so that we can take a look at the Ambiance Dental website and see what they have going on there. It’s a nice looking website and I’m just going to do a quick scroll through here to see if there’s any items that pop out. Some of the first items that I’m noticing are simple. They’re using references to the keywords that they’re attempting to rank for. The keyword was Calgary Dentist and I can see that they have dentists, they have the keyword Calgary right in their website’s header.

If I scroll down, I see Calgary Dentist again, I see Calgary Dentist mentioned again. I see variations of that term. Emergency dental care Calgary, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers. I’m sure if we continue to scroll down, we’ll likely see even more examples of the keyword. I can see right here for example, we’re seeing dentists, cosmetic dentistry, dental license, dental bonding. What I’m trying to get at here is that they’re using references to the keyword that they’re attempting to rank for in the content on their website.

Another item that you’ll notice is that their title tag has the keyword Calgary Dentist in it. Now if you’ve watched any of my previous videos, you know that your title tag also called meta title is likely the most important onsite optimization item to consider. Let’s take a look at their

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