Are the Sochi 2014 Olympics an Online Marketing Disaster?

The 2014 winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia are almost here, and many people are getting excited to see their favorite athletes compete on the world’s biggest sports stage. However, these games in particular have already seen its fair share of scandal stories, even though the event has yet to commence. The Sochi games have made headlines for everything from human rights violations to anti gay laws, causing the international…

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5 SEO Recommendations for SharePoint

SharePoint is a great platform for collaboration of business and creative and interests. However, every platform has its issues. With SharePoint, the issues can be boiled down to five categories that can be addressed by developers or webmasters. It’s best to tackle these issues early in the development process, as neglecting these issues can lead to authority issues with your website, and lower SEO rankings. 1. Include Meaningful Keywords in…

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5 Reasons Why Custom Made Websites Are a Scam

5 Reasons Why Custom Websites Are a Scam

If you are in the process of comparing your website design options, you have probably considered the idea of purchasing a custom website for your business. While this may seem like it has many benefits, it is important to understand that a custom website may be a waste of your time, and more importantly a waste of your money. Custom Comes at a High Cost This reason goes without saying,…

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How to Spy on Your Competitors Website-Legally

5 Tools for Legally Spying on Your Competitor’s Website

If you are a small or medium sized business owner, you understand just how difficult it can be at times to take customers away from companies who are larger or more established than you. The Internet has been a game changer for small and medium sized businesses, however, and there are tools that can help you spy on your competitors’ website in order to understand their online marketing strategy, and…

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5 Pinterest Marketing Tips

As social media continues to evolve and teach users to share in new ones, one of the latest trends sweeping the internet is Pinterest. The site, which bills itself as an online bulletin board, allows users to “pin” any interesting website, image, or video to a virtual “board.” These boards can be classified according to goals, interests, or other categories, and they’re a great way for users to classify their…

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5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Digital Media Buyer

Full disclosure, I’m notoriously frugal with my money; bad news for my friends but great news for my clients, because it’s an approach I apply to my work in digital media buying. As someone who has personally managed over $2 million in digital media buys I’ve had an opportunity to work on the front line of hundreds of campaigns. Here is what I know for sure that I wish more…

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5 Local SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

Having a website display at the top of Google’s search results is more then a digital high-five, it is serious business! For small business owners with brick and mortar locations it is also an enormous opportunity. Before I detail my 5 tips, I thought I’d provide some context and background information on Local SEO, the area of Google’s search results we’ll be reviewing. Early in 2012 Google announced the launch…

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The Difference Between CPC and CPM Bidding

When marketing a business online advertisers have multiple options – CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-thousand) being the most common.  This article will review the differences between CPC and CPM, and why in most cases CPC is the preferred bidding option. When you use CPC bidding, you are paying for each click on your ad. Basically you are paying for people or potential customers to visit your website. Campaigns that would…

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Internet Marketing Glossary

SEO Terms Search Engine Web programs that spider and index websites and online documents. Popular web search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo! Keyword A term or phrase searched by web users. Citations An online reference to a business’ name, address and phone number. NAP An acronym for a company’s Name, Address and Phone Number. Local Algorithm Google’s algorithm that displays results for local businesses. Local Ecosystem The collection of…

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